Thursday, August 21, 2008

Americans are Sick and Don’t Know It

A Federal-State Program called the Delta Regional Authority did a screening program at Wal-Marts for 1000 people. 78% had high blood pressure, 56% had very high Cholesterol (greater than 240), 41% had high blood sugar, and 71% were obese. Do not take your health for granted. These risk factors cause deadly diseases and are treatable. Get an annual PE from your doctor or at least do one of the many free or low cost screenings that are available. The PricewaterhouseCooper’s Health Research Institute estimates that almost half of the $2.2 Trillion we spend on health care is wasted. The biggest culprits are defensive medicine and the lack of preventive medicine and screening. Do not be a statistic. Get tested now. And go to an alternative doc, who will not submit you to defensive medicine.
Contact International College of Integrative Medicine for such a doc.

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