Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food Allergies Increasing

A study by the National Center for Health Statistics showed that the incidence of food allergies in children increased by 19-24% in the decade beginning in 1997. This only included IGE-type food allergies manifesting in asthma, eczema, respiratory and digestive problems. The study did not include IGG-mediated reactions, which we have found to be the most common type of food allergies. Most children with any type of recurrent problem that affects the immune system should be tested for food allergies. Treatment can consist of avoidance of the offending food(s) or desensitization with such techniques as SRT and LDA, neither of which is commonly available but both of which are usually quite effective, in our experience. For more info contact COHA or go to

Resources: National Center for Health Statistics and Family Practice News, November 1, 2008, P. 18

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