Thursday, February 12, 2009

It Does Not Matter How Blood Pressure is Controlled

Dr. Aram Chobanian in the December, 4, 2008 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine addressed the debate in medicine that certain blood pressure drugs are better to use in certain situations. It turns out the evidence is “overwhelming” that the most important aspect is to reduce the blood pressure to goals, no matter what medication or modality is used. Two thirds of patients treated for blood pressure are not adequately controlled and many more “borderline cases” are not treated at all. We have found that a simple herbal product called Blood Pressure Natural Relief rarely has any side effects and is clinically very effective in reducing blood pressure, either alone or in conjunction with other meds and lifestyle changes. If it were used more frequently, many lives would be saved.

See New England Journal of Medicine (subscription required) volume 359:2485-2488.

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