Thursday, June 24, 2010

Frequent Skin Exams Might Eliminate Fatalities from Malignant Melanoma

Dermatologist, Dr. Ronald N. Shore, reported his remarkable experience over a 17 year period in private practice. He visually examined the skin of all of his patients every six months, and biopsied the lesions that he felt were suspicious. He found several melanomas but all were of such recent onset that they were curable. Looking through the scientific literature, Dr. Shore found two other papers in prominent journals with the same findings. This is remarkable because malignant melanoma can be a deadly cancer, especially in its nodular form. Its incidence is rising, presumably related to sun exposure in the past. Your family doctor could very likely get the same results with frequent examinations. Just ask.

See Family Practice News(click here), May 1, p. 26.

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