Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seasonal Flu Vaccine Raises the Risk for H1N1 Infection

Four studies by Canadian investigators in Vancouver found that those who were vaccinated with the usual flu vaccine had a lesser incidence of the flu, but had a 68% higher risk of getting H1N1 infection. For those less than 50 years of age, the increased risk jumped to 123%. The widespread use of flu and H1N1 vaccines, especially in children, is premature, in my opinion, especially since most of them contain Mercury. Mucococinium is a homeopathic that works quite well, in my experience, both as a preventative and a treatment for various forms of the flu. Further studies are really needed. Our current national approach appears to be ineffective and perhaps dangerous.

See Family Practice News (click here), April, 15, 2010, p. 23.

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katie said...

From what I've read, they are planning to combine the H1N1 and flu shot this season. Could there be a worse idea??????