Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cognitive Decline Begins at Age 45

A study published in the British Medical Journal of 7000 patients over 10 years showed that cognitive test scores showed a decline in mental capacity as we age for all measurements except vocabulary. The decline began at age 45 and continued as aging progressed. President Obama has established an advisory council to explore ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Much research has to be done. But a good way to start is to exercise our minds as we do for our bodies. Reading, doing puzzles, playing games, and challenging discussions all might by helpful. The primary screening test for memory loss is a challenge test for toxic metals such as mercury, lead, and aluminum. This test is available from most holistic physicians. To find a holistic doctor, go to American College for Advancement in Medicine (click here) or International College of Integrative Medicine(click here) or American Holistic Medical Association (click here)

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