Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Threshold for Lead Poisoning in Children Lowered by the CDC

Almost twice as many children, an estimated 450,000, are now classified as lead toxic, since the CDC lowered the blood threshold from 10 mcg/dl to 5. Most affected children are undiagnosed. There is no safe level of lead, which can lead to mental retardation and an increased risk for various chronic diseases. Even more affected children would be found if a challenge test were performed to detect lead that is stored in the body 2 weeks after exposure. Even those who are detected are rarely treated by oral chelating substances, which are effective. Mercury toxicity is also common, but largely ignored by conventional medicine. The most obvious consequences of toxic metals are the autism spectrum disorders, but that is being swept under the rug. Wake up, America, your kids are being poisoned. See Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, report on lead toxicity, January, 2012.

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