Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Increasing Case Reports of Measles in the U.S.

Last year there were 222 measles cases reported to the CDC, compared to an average of 60 cases per year during the last decade. Most of the cases were in unvaccinated patients or in those in which the vaccine status was unknown. However, 90% of the cases were associated with importation from other countries. Increasing numbers of parents are refusing or delaying immunizations due to perceived risks of autism and autoimmune diseases. Despite reassurances from the CDC and most doctors that vaccines are “safe”, there are risks, especially when multiple vaccines are given at the same time. Delaying vaccines, spreading them out, and using homeopathics to prevent complications are prudent measures. Avoiding vaccines in children who may be at risk of autism is a parental choice that should be respected. Such a small increase in reported cases of measles is not cause for alarm. See the CDC Weekly Report, 2012;61:253-7.

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