Thursday, March 7, 2013

Should Flu Vaccines Be Required?

More and more workplaces and childhood immunization clinics require annual flu shots. Approximately 42% of the general public and 67% of health care workers were vaccinated last year. 65% of those older than 65 years were vaccinated, but this was a drop from 74% in 2008-2009. Many physicians refuse to get the shot, some even when their job is threatened. Despite claims that it does not happen, many people get sick after receiving a shot. Other side effects are rare but devastating when they occur. The shots are not completely effective, and most of them contain either mercury or aluminum as a preservative. In my experience, homeopathic preparations such as “colds and flu” and mucococcinium appear to be effective without risk of side effects. Washing hands, being careful of coughs and sneezes, and the prompt use of herbal anti-virals when needed appear to be effective measures. Vitamin C IVs also can be helpful when needed. Here are links to a few websites, there are many more when searching the pros and cons of immunizations Dr. Chappell's website

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