Thursday, May 2, 2013

Preserving Brain Cells with a Natural Approach

Improved cognitive function, especially memory has been shown with the supplement, apoaequorin (Prevagen) much more effectively at 40 mg a day than the over-the-counter dose of 10 mg. Interestingly, a 2009 controlled study showed that a combination of folic acid, B12, vitamin E, NAC, SAMe, and Alpha Lipoic Acid showed a 68% improvement in memory over 4 weeks of treatment, while none of the ingredients by themselves were shown to be effective. This shows the synergistic effect of multiple nutrients, a major factor that has been ignored by researchers who claim to examine the effects of nutrient therapies. See the Journal of Health, Nutrition, and Aging 2010; 14:224. Google Prevagen, Perceptiv. Celebration of Health Association website

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