Friday, July 12, 2013

Older Patients Have Sleep Problems

Dr. Nicolas Badre of the University of California, San Diego reported from the Successful Aging Evaluation study that 92.4% of 1300 patients in the study had sleep complaints. More than half used potentially harmful sleep aids, such as alcohol, OTC meds, and prescription drugs on a daily basis. There was a high correlation between poor sleep and depression. There is no easy answer to this problem. If there is snoring or frequent apnea spells noticed by a spouse, a sleep study is certainly indicated. A totally black and soundless room can be helpful, as can properly timed exercise, not too close to bedtime. TV should not be viewed in the bedroom, and alcohol is usually counter-productive. Melatonin, relaxing herbs, amino acids such as 5HTP, and essential oils can be helpful. The micro-current unit can be programed for a patient’s specific needs. We are pleased to offer this innovative device at COHA for sleep, pain relief, and other indications. See, Google micro current, or go to Celebration of Health Association website

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