Thursday, January 23, 2014

Computerized Risk Calculators are Overcalling the Actual Risk

Risk calculations recently released by the American Heart Association and others have created “confusion, dismay, and protest”, according to a panel at the AHA meeting in November, 2013. According to the new calculations, 33 million more Americans will be asked to take statin drugs when their risks for heart attacks are minimal. We can get a much better assessment of risk by asking if there is a strong family history, doing lab such as a CRP sensitive, Lp(a), homocysteine, and toxic metal screen. A cardiorisk test for arterial plaque, a calcium score with a CAT scan, and/or an ankle/brachial blood pressure test for peripheral circulation can tell us if plaque is developing. Lifestyle changes, nutritional support, and chelation if indicated can be much more effective than a massive use of statin drugs. See Family Practice News, December, 2013, page 1, 13 or contact International College of Integrative Medicine to find an integrative doctor near you. Celebration of Health Association website

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