Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stents Might be Causing Heart Attacks Rather than Preventing Them

Dr. Robert Rowen puts out an excellent newsletter.  I urge you to subscribe to it and read it.  In the July, 2014, issue he rightly raises his voice in anger because 4 million medicated stents have been surgically placed in U. S. patients in the last decade.  The studies supporting the use of these stents are woefully inadequate.  The drug coating on the stents may cause 4,500 new heart attacks each year, almost half of them fatal.  Bare metal stents might often be a safer choice.  Those who get the medicated ones are often treated with Coumadin (rat poison) for extended periods of time.  A few years back, I published a paper contending that EDTA chelation would be much safer and quite effective with or without a stent.  So far that has landed on deaf ears.

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