Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What is the Best Treatment for Low Back Pain?

There is no good evidence to support surgery for most types of back pain. Watchful waiting, chiropractic, and acupuncture can be effective. Only two treatments appear to actually increase the growth of supportive tissue. Decompression therapy, a special type of traction, can rehydrate discs, and is an excellent therapy. Prolotherapy is a series of injections that stimulate the body to lay down ligament tissue and strengthen these structures that support the back. In my experience, prolo is the most effective long-term treatment. Check out http://www.getprolo.com

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Todd M said...

Great blog, Dr. Chappell. Glad to see it.

I am one of the good doctor's prolotherapy patients and am living proof that prolo works. It has dramatically reduced the frequency and severity of my knee pain as well as headaches and neck pain.

Thank you, Dr. Chappell, for going beyond the mainstream medical community and bringing your patients solutions that do not cause more harm than good.