Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recent Concern About Taking Vitamins and Minerals is Very Misleading

Several articles have appeared in the scientific and popular press lately implying or stating that it may be harmful to take high dose or multivitamins. The studies cited are greatly misleading because they rely on faulty premises. They study the wrong type of nutrients, an inadequate dose, or they try to isolate a single nutrient, when it takes a combination of nutrients to work together to enhance the complex biochemical reactions in the body. Pharmaceutical companies love to promote false information about vitamins and minerals that might serve as competitors for their profitable drugs. While it may be true that the wrong type of vitamin E, folic acid or vitamin D or inappropriate iron or copper supplements might not be good for you, many nutrient therapies have excellent therapeutic effects. A knowledgeable physician or nutritionist can give you good guidance. See International College of Integrative Medicine(click here) or American College for Advancement in Medicine (click here) to find an integrative doctor.

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