Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zeroing in on the Causes of Autism

Dr. Richard Soloman, Medical Director of Autism Services at Mercy Hospital in Toledo had an interesting article in the Blade in October, 2011. He pointed to recent research in twin studies that confirmed multiple genetic defects that cause dysfunctional webs of neurons. The expression of these genes, however, might depend on environmental insults, such as the mother taking antidepressant drugs during the year before delivery or her prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides. He believes that immunizations have been ruled out as a cause. While most of the studies that have been done have come to that conclusion, too many parents have reported that association for me to agree. It is also rewarding to see great improvements in autistic children who are treated with high-dose nutritional therapies. See the California Twin Study (click here) and the study by Stephanie Engel with the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Center (click here)

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