Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Are Fish Oil Supplements Safe and Effective

Lately, fish oil supplements, otherwise known as Omega-3 fatty acids, have come under fire both for effectiveness and safety. According to a meta-analysis by Rizos and associates, published in the AMA journal, the benefit in preventing cardiac events is less than previously thought. However, the benefit for treating bipolar disorder, autoimmune problems, and other illnesses remains unchallenged. A questionable link to prostate cancer has been reported. I have seen the benefits of fish oil for many conditions, but the problem lies in that many fish oil products on the market are contaminated with Mercury and other toxic chemicals. The company supplier that we use carefully tests all of its products to be sure that they are pure. That is extremely important. Further, fish oils are an adjunct to other therapies. Use them in conjunction with chelation therapy for vascular disease or nattokinase to prevent clotting. I would generally not recommend using them by themselves. See Monaco J and associates. The Journal of Family Practice, August 2013, p. 422-4. Celebration of Health Association website

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