Thursday, November 7, 2013

Curbing Milk Allergies

Scott Calvert of the Baltimore Sun reported that the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center had successfully treated 8 of 32 children with severe milk allergies by gradually giving them increasing amounts of milk over 3 years. This is a passive way to get the immune system to eventually tolerate the milk protein and thus end the allergy. Our success rate is a lot better than that with either of two methods we use to desensitize food allergies. The Sensitivity Reduction Technique (SRT) does it over a few months by tapping on acupuncture points when exposed to the energy field of the food, and the Low Dose Allergen (LDA) technique works over two or three years with injections of an enzyme along with tiny doses of the foods. I wonder how big a grant Hopkins got for studying a vastly inferior treatment. See the Toledo Blade, Sept 9, 2013, Section D, page 1. Celebration of Health Association website

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