Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Simple Formula for Healthy Aging from Dr. C

Eat lots of veggies, good protein, and some fruits.  Avoid much sugar, fatty and creamy foods, fast and processed foods.  Drink ample water.  Eat some good foods raw.  Do not fry or grill your foods, slow cooking is better.  Get regular physical exercise, moderate, not excessive.  Don’t forget to exercise your mind as well, be socially involved.  Do something to deal with stress, laugh a lot.  Use natural therapies rather than medications whenever you can.  Take vitamins D3 and C, and other supplements prescribed by an expert.  Detoxify with herbals (milk thistle is good) and chelation for toxic metals, desensitize your allergies.  Sleep 7-8 hours per night, no more, no less.



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