Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Calcium Score of Zero Means You Do Not Need Statin Drugs

Many patients feel the pressure from their doctors to take statin drugs long term to reduce their cholesterol levels.  A report presented at the winter American Heart Association suggested you get an Ultra-fast CAT scan test to determine your calcium score in your coronary arteries. About half of the non-diabetic patients screened had a score of zero, which means they were at very low risk of having a heart attack.  Even if their cholesterol levels were elevated, it did not make sense for them to take statin drugs, which can cause significant side effects.  This test does not require an order from a physician and is available at many hospitals.  The cost varies from $100-300.

Google Dr. Khuram Nasir of the center for prevention and wellness research at Baptist Health Medical Center in Miami Beach for details.

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