Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Breakthrough Therapies for Autism and ADHD

2015 is a very good year for children and adults with autism and attention deficit disorder.  Dr. Stephen Kaufman from Denver has discovered a brain technique reflex that instantly quiets the brain and lets it focus.  This can be learned by the caregiver or even administered by the patient himself.  Dr. Kaufman will be teaching the technique at a workshop in Denver June 6-7.  I will attend.  Dr. Ty Vincent from Alaska developed a variation of the Low-dose Allergy treatment (LDI) that also might produce excellent improvements for these problems.  A few drops of this allergy treatment is given by mouth once every two months.  Both of these treatments are available at COHA in Bluffton or Toledo.

Google Drs. Kaufman or Vincent for more info or contact COHA at 800-788-4627.


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