Thursday, July 2, 2015

Stents Have No Benefit Over Medical Therapy for Arterial Blockage with Minimal or No Symptoms

Do you have reduced blood flow to your heart but this is not giving you significant symptoms like prominent chest pain and shortness of breath?  The name for reduced blood flow is ischemia, and it is often found incidentally with stress EKG’s, stress echoes, and angiography.  The usual treatment is angioplasty plus stents, but this treatment is no better for reducing future cardiac events than taking standard cardiac meds.  On the other hand, taking chelation therapy does reduce future cardiac events.  Evidence-based medicine shows the difference clearly.  But most cardiologists are not yet abiding by the evidence.

See Dr. Kathleen Stergiopoulus from SUNY—Stoney Brook School of Medicine for a meta-analysis that included the MASS II, COURAGE, BARI 2D, and FAME 2 clinical trials and JAMA 2013;309:1241-1250.

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