Thursday, November 12, 2015

Poor Circulation Might be More Dangerous than You Think

Dr. Samih Bittar wrote a special article to the Toledo Blade on the dangers of poor circulation.  This affects 8 million Americans, many of who are not aware that they have a problem.  Signs and symptoms include pain in your calf with exercise, pain in the front of your foot, sore on your feet that do not heal easily, shiney skin or loss of hair in your feet, and a weak pulse on top of your foot or behind the medial ankle bone.  If you have these complaints, you should be tested by an ultrasound or at least by checking the blood pressure in the arm and leg.  The latter should be higher than the former.  What you can do is control your diabetes, BP, and cholesterol, quit smoking, get regular exercise.  Above all, see an alternative doc and get chelation therapy—it could make a big difference to feel better and to avoid getting a major heart attack.

See Toledo Blade,  Peach section, September 21, 2015.

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