Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why the Cost of Meds and Vitamins are Escalating Rapidly

Specialists in Infectious Disease are anticipating an increase in cost for Daraprim, which is a major drug to treat life-threatening parasitic diseases. Only one company makes.  The cost is $13.50 per tablet for this 62 y.o. drug.  Turing Pharmaceuticals has recently bought the company that makes the drug and has announced that it will now charge $750 per pill.  IV vitamin C until recently cost us about $12 a bottle.  Next thing we know the price jumped up to $65 per bottle, with no explanation.  We can get a blood test for vitamin D3 for about $40 for a patient.  The usual charge for free-standing or hospital labs for the same test can range from $200-400.  Corporate greed is killing our health care system.  I hope someone can stop this from happening.

See the Toledo Blade, September 21, 2015, p. 4.

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