Thursday, January 7, 2016

Are You Young at Heart?—Most Folks are NOT

Three out of four adults have a heart that is older than their actual age.  For men, the average heart age is 8 years older than actual age.  For women it is 5 and ½ years.  The average age of the first heart attack for men is 64 ½ and for women it is 72.  Too often the first symptom is sudden death.  So do not wait until you get that first heart attack.  It might be too late to do anything about it.  Get a CardioRisk test (which we offer at our office or an ultrafast CAT scan for calcium score or at least an on-line Framingham Risk score.  If you are at risk, get a Boston Heart Profile or come directly to get chelation therapy.  In my opinion, chelation is the best way to avoid getting a heart attack or stroke.

Next CardioRisk date is March 15, you do not need to be a patient
See Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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