Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cranberries Falsely Accused of Being Ineffective

A study published on-line by the AMA claimed that a “rigorous” study disproved that cranberries can be helpful in preventing recurrent urinary tract infections.  The study was limited to nursing home patients and did not target women who were known to be susceptible to infections.  Treated patients were given only 2 pills a day, while double that amount would more likely be effective.  There were only 10-12 infections in the two groups and more occurred in the placebo group.  Other studies have shown beneficial effects.  This study was guilty of the “weak science” that it claimed to debunk.  In my experience, cranberry supplements (without sugar) can be effective in selected patients.  If that does not work, d-mannose is another choice.

See Associated Press article in the Toledo Blade, October 29, 2016, section A, p.7.


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