Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coming off Anti-Depressants Safely

First, anti-depressant medications can be extremely helpful for some patients. When they are helpful, they should be used at least for 9-12 months. Second, some herbals can be as effective as the drugs with fewer potential side effects. I like to use SAMe and PeanRich. Others like St. John’s Wort, but it too can have side effects. Patients want to come off the drugs because they no longer need them, the side effects are bothersome, the cost is high, or they were never were that effective. Third, if you come off anti-depressants, do so slowly and under a doctor’s supervision. We often use a supplement called Empower plus to to help the transition. We also find it extremely helpful to measure the urine neurotransmitters so we can boost up the ones that are low. This can be an effective way for patients to get the benefits without the drugs.

See Holistic Primary Care, Fall, 2010, p. 7.

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