Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Right to Bear Arms is Uniquely American

Lawrence Gostin, JD, of Georgetown University Law Center wrote an editorial blasting the US judicial system for its interpretation of the second amendment. “Why is the right to bear arms fundamental, when it appears that firearms—designed to cause injury or death—are antithetical to social order and public safety?” In 2007, the US had 78,622 nonfatal injuries and 31,224 deaths due to firearms. The firearm death rate for our children less than 15 years old is 12 times higher than the combined rates in 25 comparable countries. A homeowners gun kills many times more friends and family members than intruders, and too frequently it does not remain in the home or in possession of the owner.

See JAMA, October 6, 2010—vol 304, No. 13: 1485-6.

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