Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Concerns for Cell Phones

Cordless phones, WiFi, and cell phones produce electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Earlier concern that they might increase the risk for brain cancers and cognitive function has not been consistently shown in scientific studies. However, an international team led by Magda Havas at Trent University in Canada showed that healthy volunteers had a 40% increase in cardiac arrhythmias and disturbances in heart rate variability when exposed to the same EMFs. The concern is not so much that everyone is at risk from these changes, but who is at risk. If you are prone to heart rhythm problems, it would seem prudent to minimize your exposure.

See Dr. Havas’ ebook (with Camilla Rees), Public Health SOS: The Shadow of the Wireless Revolution, 2008. Order from www.electromagnetichealth.org (click here)

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