Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sugar, Sleep and Survival

I met T.S. Wiley at a recent convention. She has written a fascinating book on how to get 9 hours of sleep a night, lose weight, eliminate depression, and avoid heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. She starts you out with restricting carbs and eating fresh meat and lots of veggies. In summer, added fresh fruits are allowed. Especially avoid all processed foods, pasta and bread. Don’t eat any fat that did not start out alive, directly from animal or plant. Drink water, get mild exercise for 15 minutes before each meal, do yoga. Lights out at 9 PM after reading from a book, no bedtime TV. Rise at dawn. Take a good probiotic and l-glutamine to settle your gut. If you need something more to make you sleepy, try kava or tyrosine first, then natural progesterone for women and testosterone for men.

See T.S. Wiley, Lights Out, Pocket Books 2000.

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