Thursday, November 8, 2012

Younger Women are At Increasing Risk of Strokes

University of Cincinnati neurologist Brett Kissela reports that more and more women are having strokes at a younger age. The incidence has increased by 6% over the last 20 years. Now nearly one in five people who suffer strokes are under the age of 55. Risk factors such as hypertension, obesity, smoking and inactivity are being blamed. Carotid artery screening programs such as CardioRisk and Lifeline are readily available. I recommend them for all patients 45 y.o. and up. If plaque is starting to develop, aggressive lifestyle changes are in order, and many might consider intravenous chelation therapy for more definitive prevention. See, quoted in The Week, November 2, 2012, p.23. CardioRisk testing is scheduled for March 12, 2013 at Celebration of Health Association, you do not need to be a patient.

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