Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Chronic Lyme Disease Epidemic?

Did you know that the state of Ohio now requires an informed consent just to get tested for Lyme disease?  All such tests have false positives and false negatives.  Mainly, we need to rely on clinical judgment.  If acute Lyme is suspected, a 2-3 week course of antibiotics is surely indicated.  Beyond that, Lyme becomes an autoimmune problem that can affect several systems in the body.  Dr. David Minkoff has reported excellent improvements in several patients treated with ozone therapy.  Dr. Ty Vincent has used the LDA allergy treatment to neutralize the sensitivity to the Lyme organisms with outstanding results.  I have years of experience with LDA, so I prefer that approach.  For a limited time, I would be happy to discuss the treatment with anyone who has tested positive for Lyme.

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