Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Will the 20th Century be the Only Century in history in Which Cardiovascular Disease is the Leading Cause of Death?

The incidence of deaths from heart disease began to rise in the 1920’s, which corresponds to the introduction of processed foods.  Such deaths peaked in the 1960’s and then began a slow decline.  Heart attacks are still the leading cause of death and strokes are third, just behind cancer.  Most of the credit for reducing cardiovascular deaths goes to lifestyle changes.  Only 5% of the credit comes from drugs that have side effects and from surgery that can have complications.  Breakthrough treatments like EDTA chelation therapy will decrease these death rates and their horrendous cost substantially in the not-too-distant future, if we just wake up, smell the roses, and use common sense in treating these diseases.

See The Epidemic of the 20th Century: Coronary Heart Disease in the Am J Med, September, 2014 issue, p.807.



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