Tuesday, November 18, 2014

AP dateline 11/18/14

“Study lifts cloud over heart drugs Zetia, Vytorin,” said the headline.  Dr. Christopher Cannon of Harvard described the benefit of the drug combo: “This is the first time that something added to statins has been shown to be beneficial.”  Dr. Cannon is simply wrong.  Vytorin added to statins cut the risk of heart problems by 6% over 7 years.  The number needed to treat for 7 years.  The number needed to treat for 7 years was 5-6 patients.  The 2012 TACT study showed that chelation plus high dose multivitamins reduced the risk of cardiac events over 5 years by 26%.  In diabetic patients the reduction was 51%.  The number needed to treat for diabetes was 6!  All groups in TACT were continued on statin drugs.  IV chelation is much more effective than drugs.  Where are the headlines showing this?

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